'Two Beagles, A Springer, A Shepherd x Collie' 

Having been fascinated by dogs as a child, and grown up with dogs in my family my interest in dog behaviour and training began. 

My first dog Harley was a German Shepherd that I had from a puppy.  He was full of personality with a strong will.  Knowing it was down to me to guide him and train him in the right way especially due to his eventual size and his breed.  I decided to take on a career in working with dogs.  His loyalty and workability made me want to help other dogs have a great start in life or get a new home. He was an amazing dog. 

I then became the owner of four lovely dogs that you see on the front page and above. There was alot to learn and gave me so many different behaviours and personalities to deal with.

Both beagles which I've had from puppies definitely gave me a challenge as my male beagle was a very strong willed and my female beagle was very placid and laid back. Which then meant getting to know them and what worked best for them in training.  But I am proud to say they are great companions.  My Springer Spaniel which I've also had from a puppy is so eager to please and is a stunning little dog.  Then came my rescue German Shepherd x Collie, she has been a challenge from the beginning.  Unfortunately she had not received the guidance and positive experiences in the early stages.  There was plenty to work to do but it all paid off she fits in great and is a very clever girl.

I combined my love of dogs and worked in a dog grooming role and a supervisor at boarding kennels and rescue centre and also volunteered at local rescues.  Which really gave me some lovely experiences especially in rehabilitation and training dogs. I finally took a big leap to start my own dog walking and training business. ​

Whilst in these roles I wanted to extend my knowledge and continue learning.  I regularly attend conferences and seminars and complete certifications. These include

  • PDTI - workshops

  • Animal Aiders - dog first aid course

  • Telliington Touch 

  • Various dog events

  • Dog training College workshops and courses

  • Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme

  • KC Good Citizen Dog Courses 

  • Canine Body language - certified 

  • Reactive Rascals - certified 

  • Scentwork UK Level 1 - certified

With the desire to learn more I completed my PRO DOG TRAINER AND BEHAVIOURAL COURSE.  On this journey I found Concept and Game Based Training and everything just fell into place.  It really changed my life, my dog's lives and now my customers lives.  

I firmly believe that you need to be able to build a great bond. Be able to read your dogs, provide them with the life that works well for them. Fun, game play and enrichment is an amazing way to do this. All dogs no matter their backgrounds or age can benefit from this training and the guidance of their loving owners will be a great journey.  


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