Concept and Game Based Training

Classes for everyone

I carefully manage my classes no more than 8 per class and all types of dogs are welcome

(Yes even the excitable, barky and nervous sorts can join)  Groups will be carefully chosen based on needs!

Running of classes

Not all the dog’s will be all working at once. This means that I can make sure there are no stressed dogs and they don't learn poor behaviour. We can keep the dogs happy and focused, make sure we are providing the right environment and helping the dogs make the right choices and always getting great training results. There will always be games that all the dogs can be practicing and these may change dependant on the dogs capabilities.  I plan my classes to cover things specifically to your needs and help you with your struggles. Pair you up with people going through similar issues so that we get great results!!

1-2-1 or classes?


A 1-2-1 and 4 week personal plan is great to get yourself started on your journey, this will help you with a better understanding of your own dog and their struggles or what they are already capable of.   Classes are then an ideal environment to continue your training and build up those great skills.

You can also come straight to classes and build up your success and start tackling that world as a team.


What age and type of dog can come to classes?

Any! With small groups I can tailor things to each individual dog and games that suit the class. You will learn by the new method of watch, play and teach to help you gain understanding of the training. 

How much are classes?

This is dependant on the classes and courses you attend.  There will be options on courses, workshops, environmental training sessions and more.  Keep an eye on the website in the services page for new dates and what's available and also if you would like to be on a mailing list so you keep up to date with everything, I have to offer please fill out the below form at the bottom of this page.  Lots of things to look forward to!

How the journey starts............

Before you come to a class you will fill out a behavioural questionnaire on the issues and struggles you would like to work on and add into class. Then I’ll get to know you and your dog. This will help me understand where you are in your training and that you are with the right dogs and people in your group.  Sometimes dependant on the group there will be different behavioural struggles but this does not mean that any dog is not welcome we will all be working together as a team to achieve great transformations. 


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